Customer Testimonials

Over the last fifteen years Tri-County Pump has been our go to company for the installation and service for our domestic well, irrigation pumps, water softening, and water filtration systems.

With the quantity of water pumps, tanks and miscellaneous equipment we have installed there is always something that requires preventative maintenance or a repair.

I know if I have a problem all I have to do is pick up the phone and the water is back on.

In my opinion Tri-County Pump service is unmatched in the industry.

Fred Barnum
Auburn, CA

Mark Davis at Tri-County Pumps has provided outstanding service to Pomopolis Farms for the past several years. He is honest and provides outstanding, affordable pump and well service.

Mike Polis

I have been referring Tri County Pump to all my clients for the last 10 years. Mark Davis has been someone you can rely on for his expertise, experience, customer service as well as his complete and thorough reports. I would recommend Mark and Tri County Pump for all your well inspections, and repairs.

Robert Montuori

Mark is Great! Quick reply on a Holiday weekend. Reasonable rate, always a pleasure.

Square customer feedback

I moved to Loomis from the City of Sacramento. I had no experience with wells and pumps and gallons per minute. Found out quickly my water quality was hard and acidic. Also found out a 3.5 gallons per minute well wasn't much considering the multiple bathrooms in the house, a pool and that water needed to be pumped up hill. Mark was able to come up with a reasonable plan for a well-hidden holding tank with a variable speed pump that could pump water up the hill with ease. He also installed an acid neutralizer and water softener. He even installed a water pressure regulator for a detached garage at the bottom of the property. We have plenty of quality water now regardless of the low GPM well. In fact the variable speed pump needed warranty work and Mark took care of it quickly and efficiently. It can be very difficult to get a pump guy to your house in a reasonable time which leaves you without water in the country. Mark came over that day and personally drove to obtain the pump part. It was fixed within 24 hours. Thanks Mark!

Dan Tichy
Loomis, CA

Mark is wonderful work with! He's very professional and has done a great job for my clients since I started using him in 1996.

Jane Miller
Broker Associate