About Tri-County Pump

After a few years working in the industry and gaining knowledge of water wells, well pumps, and well pump systems, Mark started Tri-County Pump in 1986. Working directly with General Contractors and homeowners, Tri-County Pump quickly became busy with new well pump system installations and well storage systems. Along with that came well pump service and pump replacement.

Today our services also include domestic water well testing for flow production and potability, water filtration systems installation, irrigation pump system installation and service, and even septic system installation.

Over the years we have encountered customers with low production, water quality issues, and — yes — even "No Water" on a weekend. In each of these cases we have been able to solve their problem with either a storage system, filtration system, replacing a pump or pressure tank, or just a simple fix of getting rid of the ants in the pressure switch.

We always focus on details and strive to provide a high level of quality in our finished product.

Mark and Gretchen Davis
Mark and Gretchen Davis

About Mark Davis, Owner

Mark, a Placer High School graduate, started working on well systems at 19. His experience and attention to details, as well as his desire to manage his own business, led him to start Tri-County Pump when he was 26. With support from his wife and daughters, his business was successful and he is still serving water well needs 35 years later!